GCSE Results Day – 20th August 2020

Gartree’s GCSE results are here– and we are proud of the achievements our students.

It has been an extraordinary year, and Gartree High School is delighted to be sharing GCSE results with our students today – albeit by email rather than in person, because of Covid-19 precautions. We know how frustrating it was for our students to be denied the opportunity to perform in their end of Y11 GCSE exams. We know how hard they worked in preparation before lockdown, and we are today celebrating their achievements and wishing our students every success in the next stages of their educational journeys.

The Governors and Senior Leadership Team would like to put on record their heartfelt thanks to the staff at Gartree High School who have worked tirelessly to encourage our young people to make the very best of themselves. We would also like to congratulate each and every student for all their hard work leading up to the publication of these excellent results.

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A school is not a school without its students.

GCSE Results Day 2020 at Gartree feels like a very strange affair. Where there should be students, there are empty corridors and quiet hallways. We should be looking at our students – the very best representatives of their generation – smiling with satisfaction, grinning with glee, dancing with delight. We should be congratulating them on their hard work and smiling with satisfaction at a job well done. We should be hearing their stories of anxiety and relief, of trials and tribulations, of their plans for the future.

Instead, the place is empty of students.

But we have not forgotten you, class of 2020. We can picture you at home, opening your emails and sharing the contents with your loved ones. We hope you are happy with what you see. Teachers, who knew you well, spent long hours deliberating over their teacher assessments and then the centre assessed grades. We took this time and trouble because it was our job and you deserved it. We hope you are happy with what you have got. Teachers are here for you if you need us and we are offering support and advice to students (by appointment) on Thursday, so please contact the school if you need it.

Needless to say, these results do not define you as people. Most of you will have the grades you need to move on to the next stage of your lives. We wish you well. But even if you have fallen short of your expectations, you can push on and go again. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. And, to mix our sporting metaphors, you will face many hurdles along the way. We hope we have taught you enough to leap, and to keep on leaping.

Keep leaping, class of 2020. Go well.

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School will begin to re-open to all students from 8th March. To enable us to carry out the testing safely in school we have planned a staggered return for year groups; this allows us capacity and space to test all students in the year group before they return to their classes.
Parents should check their Insight accounts for details and for other important messages from Ms Singleton about return to school.


We would like to remind students and parents that school closes at 12:20 on Friday 21st December.

Buses will arrive then; there will be no afternoon school. 

Last Day:

P1-2 Form time (whole school assembly 9:00am);

Break-time – reduced menu hot food available;

P3-4 Normal lessons.